The trusted logistics

solutions provider in China.

We are a local third-party company specialized in providing integrated supply chain and logistics solutions
within the Chinese market.


The trusted leading e-commerce solutions provider in China.


Our end-to-end solution stretches from supplier management, to store order preparation, to goods departure on-boarding.

Local Distribution.

We offer tailor-made supply chain solutions.

Our Clients.

Worldwide industry leaders
who trust us.

Best-in-class Facilities

From hygiene and organization to safety and security, we benchmark our warehouses against 5-star hotel standards.

Peak Performance

Our facilities provide a working environment that is conducive to consistent peak performance, delivering a sense of ownership and pride to our employees.


Elee's system solutions are fine tuned to the exact requirements of each of our customers.


At the foundation of Elee's working practices, each process is documented in our company process map.

Sense of Detail

Our sense of detail, equivalent to none, is at the foundation of Elee's success in the Chinese market.


Designed to be consistently provided to our customers and team members asdfasdfasdf.

Fully Equipped

We are equipped with adequate sophisticated materials-handling equipment, metal shelving, cantilever racks, conveyors, scanning stations, temperature controlled rooms, and multi-leveled mezzanines.


With 24 hour security guard protection, motion detectors, CCTV surveillance with multi-access points and worldwide remote viewing and top level security surveillance.